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"abc 7 news at noon." >> hello everyone. we have a warning for young women in fairfax county. police are searching for a man that's targeting victims in local stores. the latest woman was attacked
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while shopping last night at fair oaks mall. we are live at fairfax county police headquarters this morning for the latest. >> police in fairfax county believe a man is using either a box cutter or razor blade to stab teenage girls as they shop. it's happening everywhere. maria is thinking twice about letting her 14-year-old daughter go shopping a lot after hearing police in fairfax county are looking for a serial slasher targeting young girls as shopping centers like this one at fair oaks. >> it is a little scary knowing someone else is out there like that. >> the most recent incident happened at 5:30 yesterday evening of at the forever 21 store inside fair oaks mall. and 18-year-old girl heard someone drops something behind her ancestors same time she was stabbed in the buttocks her
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denim shorts. it's not life threatening issue but it is something that has shoppers on alert. >> i would not want someone to cut me. they need more security. it is rare to hear that in the small -- this mall. >> five times in the last six months something like this has occurred, happening at the marshals in greenbrier, forever 21 at fair oaks, and h&m in tysons corner, each time praying on distracted girls. >> he is either throwing them on the floor or wrestling them. when a woman is distracted, she turns around and she feels a sharp sudden burst of pain. >> the wounds in the buttocks were not deep enough to require stitching, but enough to destroy her shorts and cause pain.
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if you know anything, call police. a large water main break is causing some big problems in southeast d.c. and aden's main broke on south carolina avenue between kentucky and a 15th street. d.c. water says as many as 200 homes could be without service while their work to fix it. it could be 7:00 tonight before the repairs are finished. if all the water heater is to blame for carbon monoxide issue that sent a dozen people to the hospital. this happen before 1:00 this morning in the 1200 block of first street in rockville. firefighters evacuated the building residence and took 11 of them to the hospital for treatment. a fire heavily damaged an apartment building in the district. firefighters rescued nine people, from the three-story building on savannah st. se. it started in the first floor kitchen and was quickly brought under control although one
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family lost their home and two victims were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. across the region we're finally getting a brief welcome break in the heat. steve rudin has the forecast. nice to see the temperature is not so close to 100. >> 89 degrees at reagan national and noontime and that is the average high temperature for this date. the reason it feels so much better outside is the dew point levels. look at the dew point levels in the 50's at dulles and reagan national. the same in gaithersburg. things will dry out as we move through the afternoon. cold front well to the south and east of us. the big chains on the way another big warm up by the end of the week. how long will it last, my full forecast is coming up in a few minutes from the belfort furniture weather center. >> thank you.
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now to the spending showdown on capitol hill. one week and counted until the u.s. government default on its that. a deal is still nowhere in sight. republicans and the white house both say they will make the august 2 deadline to raise the debt ceiling. jummy olabanji tells us there are still miles between the two sides. >> economists say that if this is not resolved by next week, interest rates will increase across the country for the government and for consumers. people we spoke with today say congress needs to get the job done and do what they were elected to do. in his latest prime-time address to the nation, president obama is planning house republicans for the holdup in settle in the deficit debates. >> the only reason it's this balanced approach is not on its way to becoming law is because a significant number of republicans in congress insists on a different approach. >> but republicans say the president just wants a blank
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check to continue his spending. >> the president has often said we need a balanced approach, which in washington means we spend more and you pay more. >> this person agrees it's time to put away the credit card. >> you cannot spend what you don't have. if everybody else is required to stay within a budget. congress should also. >> if there are two competing bills to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficit. the house bill likely cannot pass the senate and there's a senate version and that likely cannot pass the house. both would raise the debt ceiling, cut more than $1 trillion in spending, but do not raise taxes. the house version only raises the debt ceiling until next spring which would mean we go through the debate all over again. >> you look at the history of our country, great progress has been made when people have been willing to compromise. problems have happened when politicians were not willing to compromise.
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ex-president obama urged the american people to call on their members of congress. people i spoke with today and say that they hoped their lawmakers are listening. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. dozens of young children, their parents, and doctors converged on capitol hill today. many of them suffer from medical conditions like kidney and heart defects all the way to injuries from car accidents. their parents say the budget battle could put their children's health in jeopardy by decreasing their access to pediatric specialists. authorities in norway expects to release some of the names of victims killed in last week's bombing and shooting. meanwhile, a suspect sits in jail and we hear he has asked his lawyer to tell him how many people died. at least 76 people were killed between a bombas blast and a shooting spree at a youth camp. someone shot and wounded a dog in southeast d.c. around
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midnight on thursday. the woman's daughter took the dog named bunny outside. when the dog ran behind a building, someone in the alley shot the dog. she survived the injuries but humane society officers are trying to track down the shooter. virginia governor bob mcdonnell will sign a bill today that's meant to keep the streets safer. ashley is law will require emergency vehicles going through intersections to use splicing lights or sirens. 33-year-old ashley mcintosh was killed in 2008 when a police officer if not using as i ran drove through red lights and hit her car. d.c. mayor vincent gray participated in a dedication ceremony today for a bridge. he came out to celebrate the completion of the ninth street bridge replacement project. the work began in april 2009 and cost $40 million. it connects new york and rhode
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island avenues in northeast and carries 26,000 vehicles per day estimated. coming up, a back-to-school supplies for dozens of local students to jump-start the school year. >> how much was the ticket? $33 of that, you are due refunds. >> a big tax breaks for airlines. why are passengers not pocketing the ddifference? and there's a happy meal makeover. will kids and parents be happy about it? and how long
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breaking news. it is just now being reported that democratic representative david wu of oregon has announced that he will resign from congress. over the past year and allegations surfaced that he had some sort of inappropriate and unwanted relationship or contact with a teenage girl who was the daughter of a family friend. he had come under fire recently for that. now we are hearing that the democratic representative is resigning from congress. from 7 on your side, big changes at the golden arches. for decades the happy meal has been a staple of american children's diets. now mcdonald's is switching some of the high calorie favorites for help the -- healthy ones. the reaction is mixed. >> they have been the three ingredients of the happy meals for so many kids are more than 30 years.
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childhood obesity is bringing changes. >> the happy meal. >> parents are going tthe happy meal will come with french fries and a half the former size and will come with apple's. >> with the children will love the changes. >> this comes after critics said none of the happy meals met nutritional standards and some had as many as 700 calories. >> strawberry. >> the new combination as 20% less calories, 15 percent less sodium and 20% less saturated fat. but not enough to a impressed this nutritionist. >> a little bit makes a difference. a big difference would be to replace a whole bag of french fries for an apple.
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>> the choitoy is not going away. >> kids after have fun. >> is a little healthier, but the happiness is still inside. abc news, new york. one financial controversy captured the nation's attention right now, but another one that frequent-flier is should know about. the airlines just got a huge tax break. the faa operating authority will continue to work, but no one is responsible for collecting a long list of taxes and fees that go into an airline ticket. you would think that would result in a tax holiday for customers. >> instead of going in the consumers' pockets or the government's pocket, the whole amount will go into the airline pocket. >> there have been no negotiations between house and senate to resolve the dispute. if you are flying during a
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partial shutdown, keep your receipt. you could be eligible for a refund from the irs or your airline. >> something to think about. you don't need a receipt for today. we like the forecast compared to what we have seen. >> it will last a couple days. enjoy the low humidity. that will change by the end of the week. not like last week. not 100 degrees. you may want to go to the beach. look at chesapeake beach maryland, looks pretty. maybe we will see little action out there. 89 degrees at reagan national airport currently with a heat index of 88 degrees. not so bad. dew point levels in the 50's. 87 degrees in the district. if high temperature of 88. ashburn, virginia, 88 degrees, wind out of the east. in maryland in rockville 86.
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quantico looking at 86 degrees. dew point levels have fallen quite a bit. on friday and saturday the dew point levels were in the upper 70's to low 80's. now in the 50's. that's why i feel so nice outside. if the heat index readings will -- are feeling like 100 and st. louis. it could feel very warm for us in the next few days. we will look for a comfortable sleeping conditions for the overnight as high pressure settles over head. once the area of high pressure moves off the coast the wind will change and add to the heat pump. if you can go to the beaches today, temperatures in the upper 80's with sunshine. the same for the day tomorrow. here's our forecast, low 90's
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for the daytime high. lots of sunshine this afternoon, mainly clear skies tonight. temperatures falling into they 60's tonight. here's the extended outlook heat and humidity will be back by thursday, friday, saturday, even sunday. we could be looking at the heat advisory once again across the mid-atlantic. we will keep you updated on abc 7 and >> enjoy it while we can? >> yes. three days. >> its that time of year. 80 local students went on a back-to-school shopping spree this morning. the salvation army teamed up with fairfax county police officers to help students in need to purchase supplies. each young shopper received an $80 gift card from target. the salvation army plans to give more shopping sprees in the
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weeks ahead and they're looking for financial donations. thousands of post offices could close their doors for good soon. the struggling agency is considering closing if more than one in 10 retail outlets nationwide. 3600 in all. the post office operates more than a 31,000 local call offices and branches. last year the postal service lost $8 billion. there is a new place to watch movies online. " wal-mart, the world's largest retailer, is launching a movie screening service on its web site. lets customers rent or purchase movies on the internet and stream them to their tv, blu-ray player, or other equipment. many are available the same day they come out on dvd. $1 and up to $5.99. relief could be on the way for drivers dealing with traffic tieups along interstate 66. next month vdot will install electronic signs with estimated
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distance and travel times. a first phase includes the stretch between gainesville and the beltway. but the data-month pilot project is supposed to better manage traffic. if successful, the system will expand to other parts of northern virginia. coming up, which would you prefer for company, and your smartphone or another person? why some experts are worried about a growing obsession. and a wilderness terror. a bear attack and a teenager and barely escaped with his life. and on the oprah show, 50 years later, freedom riders
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today we are hearing from one of the teenagers who was mauled by a grizzly bear while on a hike. the 17-year-old sam and a group of his friends were on the 30- day wilderness survival expedition in alaska last weekend. near the end of their journey the teenagers were forced to run for their lives. >> what was going through your mind? >> i am too young to die. i'm about to go to college. >> the bear struck him in the test punctured one of his lungs, broke two risk, and bit his head. it took eight hours for rescuers to find the teenagers. himandthe teenagers are expected to make a full recovery. some say their relationship
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with their smartphone is more like an addiction. many people to admit they would rather interact with their smartphone than with other people. the increasing dependence comes as more americans despair ipods and cameras in favor of smartphones. a new census report finds the wealth gap between white americans and minorities is widening again. the report shows the gap is the greatest it's been in a quarter- century. white people on average have 20 times the net worth of black people. if white people have 18 times the net worth of hispanics. if the recession has wiped out decades of minority gains in net worth. friends and family will say goodbye to singer amy white house today. a small private ceremony is being held in england. the 27-year-old grammy winner was found dead in her london home on saturday. the trouble singer had a long public battle with alcohol and drug abuse. they did not establish a formal
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cause of death. toxicology tests are not yet in. steve rudin will
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here's a reminder. we have another big ipad2 giveaway happening on our facebook page. all you have to do is go to facebook. the deadline to enter is tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and we will announce the lucky winners name on wednesday on abc 7 news
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at 5:00. a california couple could not wait to get married even though the groom is stationed thousands of miles away in afghanistan. >> "rango", do you doubt your love and devotion to sarah? >> i do. >> average a-- randall. expat tied the knot long distance. he's expected to return home this winter to sarah, his wife > temperatures today will be in the low 90's. the same tomorrow. on thursday the temperatures will increase as an area of high pressure moves off the coast. if winds out of the southwest on friday, each index of 100 or so. for abc 7 weather.
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>> thanks for joining us. we will see
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